False Front 1.9.0

Gameplay update

This is a large update adding gameplay items like barrels, ladders and ziplines. Maps are also updated for improved gameplay.

   - Updated maps extra care taken for arena maps

   - Added explosive barrels (fire, slime and ice)

   - Added ladders climbing

   - Added ziplining

   - Added XP target objects

   - Added XP lamp objects


   - Adjusted sniper lobby mode. Other classes weapons can't shoot

   - Added assist kill XP score
   - Added assisk suicide kill XP score
   - Added 50% extra XP score for headshoot
   - Added 200% extra XP score for melee kills
   - Added Multi kill streak increased XP score
   - Added XP score for unlocked items
   - Added playercard color content

   - Updated hardpoint effects with texture anim
   - Updated hardpoint score calculation for team with most players
   - Improved blink killstreak effect to see blink is used and 3D sound
   - Adjusted player foot step 3D sound volume
   - Added announcers 3D main center speaker audio with echo effect
   - Fixed bots was removed when host changed du host migration (host left the public game)


   - Added more materials for different wallbangs
   - Added different bullet hit decals depending on material
   - Added different bullet hit decal size depending on weapon
   - Added colors to killstreaks in menu
   - Added blur to slime grenade effect
   - Updated map loading pictures
   - Adjusted lab and infected (night maps) not in public matchpool
   - Added FFA podium flag and glow
   - Added settings for throw keybinding

   - Nuke killed only players on host.
   - Removed SND/game rounds final killcam made split screen removed in next round
   - Fixed character got wrong weapon skin for M29 when role first selected
   - Fixed player class change could make player get stuck
   - Fixed bots trying to use hidden trampolines making them moving into objects
   - Night goggles could be used while running and was displayed wrong
   - Moving tumbleweed bush removed collision
   - Fixed ladders unlocks not possible due missing ladders
   - Fixed a bunch of small bugs
   - Added bugs

We hope you like the update! Cheers! 🍻

False Front Team 2021-11-21