False Front 1.6.7

Patch Notes

Changes to online matchmaking has been done to encourage people to play public matches instead of private. More maps and bots will now be available online.

   - Added Jr arena maps to public matchmaking
              - Bunge Jr

              - Hagen Jr

              - Site Jr

              - Hills Jr

              - Only Free For All

  - Added Night Hills Jr to public matchmaking

  - Public matches will now start with only one player

              - Favours Jr arena maps with few players

              - Added bots when few players

              - Dynamic bot difficulty

  - Changed time limit from 10 min to 5 min

  - Changed score limit from 75 kills to 50 kills

  - Reduced spawn invisibility time from 3 sec to 1 sec

  - Added explosion shake for Tactical Nuke

  - Unlock levels are now more spread out

  - Added Night Hills Jr map
  - Updated Site
            - More trampolines added
            - Map symmetry changed
            - Increased overall line of sight distance

  - Fixed Cobra silencer issue

  - Frag grenade explosion time fixed

  - Flash grenade radius/angle increased

  - Added "Left" and "Join" text to Infected killfeed

  - Added "Disconnected" text to killfeed when player leave due to error

  - Added /hide_hud command

  - Added support for controller button bindings

  - Added restore button to keybindings

  - Fixed multi-threading issues

            - Should decrease game crashes

Thanks for playing! Happy days! 🎉

Svante 2020-06-09