False Front 2.0.0

Generic update

This is a large update adding weapons, grenades, skins and gear. Also improved gameplay with updated NPC AI and a bunch of fixes.
The version is a preparation for leaving Early Access

   - Player profiles for public and private matches are merged into one profile.
   - Match is fully qualified if playing with other remote players (private or public).
   - Some counters only incremented on fully qualified matches.
   - Match is unqualified if playing only with harmless bots.
   - Extra XP score not given in unqualified match.

   - Support for wide screen and fixed scaling depending on screen sizes
   - Added character 3D view on players in the lobby
   - Added character 3D view in match result podium
   - Added second final kill-cam replay in third person with target zoom
   - Support for path-finding/nav-mesh for NPC and improved NPC AI
     (possible to use old AI with Classic AI option)

   - Lobbies now searched worldwide instead of Steam default

   - Added Shotgun weapon SpasDB
   - Added Assault weapon TOMPA
   - Added Machinegun weapon Serpent
   - Added Assault weapon attachments
   - Added Machinegun weapon attachments
   - Added ice, fire and slime grenades
   - Killcam icon option setting changeable during a match
   - Updated and improved sound for weapons
   - Silencer more distinct sound to differ from normal
   - Adjusted hold breath not holding forever and not displaying help text after used
   - Frag grenade countdown cross-air timer
   - Bounce sound for grenade and axe
   - Projectile sound for Noobtube bullet and axe

Sniper mode:
   - Sniper mode allows the use of all primary weapons (converted to bolt action with reload set to 0.8 sec)
   - Support for rotation left/right with keyboard bindings
   - Added sniper mode option for private matches (increase wall bang and bots not trying to get last score)

   - Added infected player pool for public matches
   - Play music for the last player in infected game mode
   - Removed powerups and XP-targets on night maps when playing infected
   - Removed overlay lines for hunted players
   - Default first player in infected is hunted (not zombie)
   - Added NPC zombies in public infected matches on large maps
   - Several more improvements for infected matches

   - Added clothes and armor
   - Added face skins
   - Added more gear and skins
   - Added berets prestige 01-10
   - Move the character up/down in customization using the right mouse button

   - Improved Ambient Occlusion (Extra shadows) and selectable level (Off, Normal, High)
   - Removed flickering while rotating in First-Person
   - Added achievements for the number of matches played
   - Added missing translated texts to languages
   - Added character high-score view for FFA, Team, and Infected.
   - Added randomized bot outfit with gears
   - Fixed Gnomed unlock
   - Fixed Completionist unlock
   - Fixed unlocks for M29 kills was counted from M26
   - Fixed a long list of small problems and a few crashes
   - Fixed host migration when the host lost from the network

   - Added two new night maps for infected
   - Updated night maps for infected
   - Updated mini maps for night maps

   - Fixed missing collisions in Bunge
   - Some minor fixes on several maps

We hope you like the update! Cheers! 🍻

False Front Team 2023-06-17